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Easy to be Team Eric on 'True Blood'

Has there been a show more fun than this season's "True Blood"? It reminds me how ponderous some of my other favorite dramas can get. Meanwhile, Jason Stackhouse is trying to figure out if Sam could turn into a chicken and lay and eat his own eggs. He also questioned Sam's sexual behavior as a dog. As I giggled watching him, I realized how much I had missed having a show that was pure daffy fun. Not since "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," which got rather heavy-handed in its later seasons, has there been a show that reveled so much in its own silliness.

Maryann, you were fun for a while, but now it's time for you to go.

This season was even better than the first. The rise of Eric to lead character status was a savvy move. I'm certainly on Team Eric these days. Bill, who was such a dangerous character in season 1, now seems positively stately and safe compared to Eric. Is it wrong to want Eric and Sookie to end up in bed together?

Godric's short visit to season 2 was also fascinating. More peace-loving than even the staid Bill Compton, Godric just wished everyone could get along. Well, they couldn't. And his exit, with Sookie looking on and Eric's howl of pain was a season highlight. It also makes me wonder if we will see more vampire suicides in future shows, which makes me think of Jessica.

Her relationship with Hoyt is something out of ever girl's adolescent nightmares. Is there a woman out there that doesn't groan at the thought of every time being just like her first time? Oy. Her adolescent angst has fangs and superspeed to amp it up to crazytown. Talk about a no-win situation. Though, I would argue that Hoyt's evil mom had that little bite coming. Will these crazy kids be able to work it out?

And speaking of crazy kids. It's not looking good for Tara's beau Eggs. Actor Mechad Brooks just landed a role on ABC's midseason replacement legal drama "The Deep End." Looks like he may not survive the epic battle with Maryann.

I'm feeling about done with Maryann. It's amazing how even an orgy can start to feel repetitive if you have one every single week. So seeing her vanquished will feel satisfying. I do love that her storyline has brought some other characters out of the background.

Who would have thought Detective Andy Bellefleur would become the voice of reason, one of the few able to resist Maryann (and how does he do that exactly?), and a perfect foil for Jason. And I am so glad that Lafayette lived to see season 2. His post-traumatic vampire disorder combined with his usual sass makes for a more dimensional character. I'm hoping we get to see more interaction with Eric if Lafayette makes it through season 2.

And who will survive? The likely dead include Maryann, Eggs and maybe even Terry.  Is there someone I'm missing?  What do you think will happen with the finale? Who would you like to see bite the dust and who should survive? And how do you feel about some of the new characters, such as Evan Rachel Wood's vampire queen and the anti-vamp fanatics, Steve and Sarah Newlin?