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Vote for best and worst ads

We've been hashing out commercials for two months now, and it's time for a vote. The contest isn't over, and the vote isn't the final word on who will take this year's best and worst ad honors, but it'll definitely help narrow things down.

Progressive Insurance
Love or hate Flo? Vote in our polls

As always, there's at least one commercial that shows up on both lists. This year, it's Flo, the saleswoman for Progressive Insurance. Some readers find her both attractive and funny; others just find the ads tiresome.

I went through your comments and tried to pick the ads that were mentioned the most often, but there are so many commercials that I may have forgotten some. Please vote in the polls (you can vote for "other" if your favorites aren't there) and also feel free to talk about these ads and others in the comments.

I really need your help here -- usually at this point in the summer it's fairly obvious who's going to win in at least one category. This year ... not so much. There's no obvious favorite like last year's Discovery Channel "boom-di-ada" promo. So help me out by voting, and thanks!

BEST ADS -- vote here (Link fixed!)
Prius people hide out in flowers and clouds
Ozzy Osbourne uses Samsung phone to make himself understood
Skating babies rock out for Evian
Giant hamster wheels roll for Kia Soul
Most interesting man in the world drinks Dos Equis
Flo sells Progressive insurance with help of giant nametag

WORST ADS -- vote here
Woman sucks down Dannon yogurt in grocery store
Woman's long armpit hair waves in boyfriend's face (Boost Mobile)
money is always watching you
Quizno's oven flirts with employee
Flo sells Progressive insurance with help of giant nametag