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Digger's baaaack: Toenail monster returns

He's baaaaack. Reader Katie posts: "Stop the presses. There's a new Digger ad. I only saw part of it once. Now I have to go buy a new TV. Or maybe I'll wait a few months until this one gets booed off the air too. Gag me."

Digger's baaaaack. Lock up your toenails!

Those of you who've followed the commercial contest in past summers need no translation: The first-ever worst ad winner in our contest, way back in 2004, was Digger the Dematophyte, the little monster who manhandles a cartoon toenail like he's sliding up a garage door.

I can't actually describe the old ad any more than that because I refuse to watch it again, but let's just say it's the absolute worst commercial I've ever seen. Whe he lifts that toenail up ... and then he jumps in there ... brrr, I've said too much already.

I can confirm Katie's news. I did see a return-of-Digger ad on TV recently, though I can't find it onYouTube and frankly, I'm not looking that hard.

Technically I suppose the new ad could win the "worst ad" title this year, but it's not going to, because that would require I watch it, possibly more than once, and I refuse. Like Brett Favre, Digger should really stay retired.

Is the toenail monster your absolute most-hated ad of all time, or are there others that are even worse? Discuss in the comments. Oh, and if you choose to watch the video below (of his old ad, not the new), don't blame me if you feel kind of sick afterwards.