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These actors should be Bond ... James Bond

When it was announced that Daniel Craig would be replacing Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, I was annoyed.  Brosnan, in my opinion, had been the perfect Bond: charming, handsome, sexy, mysterious, smooth and a bit naughty.  He brought a fun aspect to the character that made the films more enjoyable for me, and I wasn't interested in having someone else take over the role, someone I couldn't see playing the dashing agent.

So for the first time in a long time, when "Casino Royale" was released, I didn't go rushing to the nearest theater. In fact, I didn't even see it until three nights ago because I didn't have faith in Craig. My friends tried to convince me that he'd be great and urged me to watch "Layer Cake" as proof of his talent. I watched it. I enjoyed Craig. (Those abs … wow!) But I still couldn't see him as Bond.

Even after I finally caved to "Casino" the other night, I haven't changed my mind, though Craig seemed to do fine. I liked that he was rougher around the edges, but his performance seemed flat and monotonous. So forgive me for not being upset that he may not be back for a third installment.  I'll still see "Quantum of Solace" – eventually – but I may be more excited when a new actor takes the helm.

And who should that be? There are a few I believe may do a bang-up job.

First on my list is Christian Bale. I know, I've already explained why he can always put me in a theater seat, but this man can definitely pull off this secret-agent role.  He's done smooth yet crazy ("American Psycho"), action hero ("Batman" and the upcoming "Terminator 4"), mentally haunted ("The Machinist") and many other films that have shown his range of talent. And his ability to successfully relaunch a beloved character is proven by his Bruce Wayne/Batman. Plus, his recent roles already have his body in perfect shape for rolling around on a sandy beach with a Bond babe.

If producers are hoping for another blondish Bond, how about Kevin McKidd, most recently of Dr. McArmy fame on "Grey's Anatomy"? McKidd has the chops to play a total badass good guy bent on doing whatever it takes for the good of his country, as evidenced by his stint as Lucius Vorenus in HBO's "Rome." His role on "Grey's" also shows that even as a tough guy, he's got a heart, perfect for falling in love with all the wrong ladies. And his voice, oh … that gruff, sexy growl! It's perfect for Bond, along with his rugged looks.

For the fun, charming factor, Blair Underwood would be my pick. He's done sneaky bad guy ("Dirty Sexy Money") and charming romantic hottie ("Sex and the City"). And in those roles, he's proven he can be cool as a cucumber when things don't go his way, not to mention his draw with the beauties, which is a requirement for Bond.

Who do you think would make a great Bond?