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Dude, these male celebs are OK by me

Last week, msnbc.com's Anna Chan wrote in Test Pattern about female celebrities who she thinks have got it all going on. She only named two women before asking readers to name more. I would have written that post, but the Internet couldn't hold my list and our servers couldn't handle your responses.

So instead this week I get to respond with male celebrities who I think have it "all." By "all" we'll stick to Anna's definition of looks and talent and apparent smarts. I watch enough movies and television and read enough magazines and Web sites that I think I can cobble something together. And my wife and I have always had a fun back-and-forth regarding celebrities and who each of us would be allowed to hook up with if we were alone in New York or Paris and the stars just happened to align. Perhaps you're in a relationship that can handle such make-believe.

Reuters file
Clive Owen: Playing the hand he's been dealt.

So let's start with Clive Owen. You'll find that I'm going to reference mostly men who leave little doubt that they are in fact men. Meaning, they probably look great in a tux, they might have an accent and they can likely beat up your boyfriend if provoked. Owen fits all of these criteria. Rent "Croupier" or "Children of Men" or watch one of these extended BMW ads because a hot male film star should know how to drive, too (Steve McQueen! Paul Newman!).

It's not difficult to transition from Clive Owen to James Bond and these days 007 means Daniel Craig ... again, the accent and the tux. When Craig walked out of the water in "Casino Royale" wearing those little swim trunks all he needed to do was kick sand in Matthew McConaughey's face to seal his status as king of the beach. Watch him here on Charlie Rose because, well, you should watch a little less of "The View."

How about another tough guy to complete the trifecta? "300" star Gerard Butler brings the accent and the abs necessary to make the list. And if I had a dollar for every time I've heard a guy in my office say, "This is Sparta!" I wouldn't be sweating the economic crisis. Not to mention that my boss is practically stalking Butler online and not putting him on the list wasn't an option for me.

I could go on and on with the hunky action stars who don't speak "American," but that wouldn't leave me time to name Robert Downey Jr. (beyond talented), Dominic West (best cop on TV -- ever), that model guy Gabriel Aubry (I have no idea if he's talented or smart, but when's the last time you got the sexiest woman alive pregnant?), and, oh yeah, what's his face ... George Clooney (when I grow up, I want to be him).

Alright, ladies (and gentlemen), let 'er rip. Which male celebrities are worth the price of a ticket, worth setting the DVR for, worth thumbing through a magazine in the checkout line or worth that one night in Paris for you?