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Is this thing on?

Hey, is this thing on?

Sorry to let Test Pattern get so dusty! But I have an excuse, really! The dog ate my homew-- forget it, you'd never buy that.

Actually, I've been on maternity leave for the past six months (What? They get a year, PAID, in Canada...)

Original plans were for my colleagues to take over the blog while I was out, but they ended up being too busy (learning a whole new software system, which is still Greek to me).

I would say that they were afraid they couldn't live up to the stellar trail I'd already blazed here, but I really don't want you to laugh me off the Internet.

I'm back now -- thanks to those who followed along at my personal Weblog, Pop Culture Junk Mail, which did see the occasional update in-between diaper changes.

I'm looking forward to rejoining our conversation about everything from misheard lyrics to "For Better or For Worse."

I'll be resurrecting Multi-link Mondays (five time-wasting links to get you through the worst of the weekdays) and am really relishing the thought of jumping back into our annual summer TV commercial contest. (Speaking of the commercial contest, did you all see that David Groh -- Rhoda's hubby on "Rhoda" and the poor guy getting milked in that infamous ad -- died of kidney cancer at just 68?)

I hope to update Test Pattern even more regularly than before I left on leave (ah, the perhaps-delusional aspirations that come after a chunk of time off). I welcome your comments and link suggestions, too. Let's get started.