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Watch some of the worst commercials on-air

On Tuesday, I offered up links to a batch of your favorite TV commercials (couldn't get to them all, but tried to find the most frequently mentioned ads). Now it's time to let the really bad ads have their due. Consider yourself warned: Watch these commercials at your own risk.

These aren't the only ads in contention, so feel free to mention other ads, or comment on these, in the comments. And then give thanks for TiVo and the blessed fast-forward button.

Sour Skittles: Joe from "Rhoda" gets milked. Ugh...

Viva Viagra: Doesn't every group of male friends sit around and sing this? Thankfully, no.

Pepto-Bismol:  Diarrhea danceline. The Rockettes have nothing to worry about.

Starburst: Little Lad who loves berries and cream. First Sour Skittles and now this -- didn't candy ads used to be fun? This is kind of the extended remix version. I'm sure there was an enormous call for it.

Wendy's: Kicking trees apparently has something to do with eating hamburgers. No one is really sure what.

Burger King: SpongeBob NoPants. Or, as we like to call it, SpongeBob NoBrain.

Cingular:  IDK, my BFF Jill? This commercial is equally loved and hated, it seems -- it also made our "best commercial video" list.

Sony Handycam: Parents bathe grown son in the sink. This one was mentioned frequently when we discussed uber-creepy ads.

Travelers Insurance:  Rabbits get lucky rabbits' feet reattached. Those feet weren't too lucky for the rabbits, now were they?

Orville Redenbacher: But...he's been dead SINCE 1995!

Viva paper towels: Kid sprays mom with orange soda, mom retaliates. I agree, the kid probably didn't mean to spray his mom in the first place, but this ad still bugs.

Stanley Steemer: Toby the dog does the butt-scooting boogie. It's pretty disgusting, yes, but then Mom screams like someone just skinned her alive.

I tried to find that Vagisil ad featuring porcupines and skunks (you kind of have to see it to believe it), but the YouTube videos I found have been removed.

And finally, this is NOT a real commercial, but it cracked me up. The Mucinex phlegm guy and Digger the dermatophyte move in together. Warning: Contains that horrible scene of a toenail opening like a door which makes me cover my eyes every time.