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Multi-link Monday: The pop vs. soda debate rages on

Here's our weekly roundup of intriguing, time-wasting Web sites, also known as Multi-link Monday.

Reader-submitted link: I know I've linked to this before, but I still love it. The Pop vs. Soda page lets you select what you call a carbonated soft drink (pop? soda? Coke no matter what flavor it is?) and then plots it out on a map of the nation. I'm from Minnesota, and we ALL say "pop," none of this "soda" business. Thanks to Tiffanie for the link!

• Have you seen WalkScore.com? Plug in your address (home, work, whatever) and it rates how walkable the area is as far as reaching stores, theaters and the like. I wish I'd known about this when we were looking for a house.

• Ruh-roh! Real crime, or "Scooby-Doo" plot? Take this quiz and see if you can tell.

• "Superman Returns" has been out for a year, but this game is still kind of addictive: Play Jimmy Olsen and see if you can snap a front-page photo of Superman. I am Super-horrible at this.

• I've just discovered wardrobe weblogs, where ordinary folks share their fashion choices each day. There are plenty out there, but I especially like Dress Kevin (vote on what Kevin should wear each day) and What's My Wardrobe Today? I can't imagine sharing this kind of info on a daily basis, but it's kind of fun to page through someone else's closet.