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'Lost' news: An old face returns

Comic-Con attendees, we're really sorry. Except maybe not so much. Once the TV critics at today's ABC executive session heard confirmation from network president Steve McPherson that the creators of the show "Lost" were going to be making a big announcement tomorrow at San Diego Comic-Con, it was as if the sharks had smelled blood in the water. Reporters harangued McPherson until an assistant came dashing out and whispered in his ear. (Stop reading here if you don't want a spoiler.)

Someone had contacted "Lost" creator Damon Lindelof and he gave ABC the OK to go ahead and feed the chum, er, the news, to the reporters and not save it for the comic-book fans. And here it is: Harold Perrineau, Jr., whose character, Michael, sailed off with son Walt at the end of season two, will be returning to the show next season.

That was pretty much it. No word on whether Walt and his powers will be back (though we assume dad and son are a package deal). No word on Michael's role, or how he'll be dealt with. After all, he left the island after confessing that he murdered Ana-Lucia in cold blood (no big loss to many fans) and oh, by the way, he killed Libby, too. He also left four of his supposed friends in the unkind hands of The Others, so Michael's hardly listed in anyone's Fave Five these days.

Apparently if you're in a room with a bunch of reporting sharks who have access to 200+ newspapers, Web sites and magazines, plus a couple of wireless microphones, you'd better think twice about trying to keep even a small secret, especially about a top-rated, mystery-laden show.