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Marshmallow Peep Mania

On Wednesday's "South Park," which somehow managed to roll up the trappings of Easter with a mystery out of "The DaVinci Code," Marshmallow Peeps made an important appearance. While trying to keep ninjas (!) from killing Stan, the Leigh Teabing character from "DaVinci" puts a box of Peeps in the microwave. They expand, and expand, and finally EXPLODE, sending marshmallowy goo out all the windows and doors of his mansion. Just like real life!

Anyway, Will over at Clicked reminded me that I usually post a batch of Marshmallow Peep links as Easter approaches, and so here goes. (See, people? Not EVERY post is about "American Idol," just ALMOST every post.)

• Online Peep games: Play Peep Invaders or Peepstroids.

• Easter meets Passover: Marshmallow Peeps suffer from the 10 plagues in Egypt.

• Wham-o now offers a Make Your Own Peep machine. MSNBCer Gary Krakow tried it out in 2005, and Matt of the wonderful X-Entertainment demonstrates it here. I think I'll stick to buying premade Peeps, especially after seeing Matt's results.

• Peeps meet Tolkien: "Lord of the Peeps."

• We're pretty accustomed to office pranks around here, but this is the best: Someone covered a co-worker's office in Peeps. The page notes that, even six months later, people were coming by and eating the old Peeps off the ceiling.

• Get your microwave ready for Peep Jousting.

• Here's an oldie but a goodie: Peep Research. I have trouble looking at these photos because I feel so sorry for the l'il guys. The Peeps' bretheren, the Marshmallow Bunnies, are not left out -- this site features them being cruelly tortured.

• A photo tour: 50 Peeps visit the home of the Peep factory. Also: A neon Peep.

• Peeps are an educated lot. Here they take a tour of a college library.

• And finally, a review of a snack I have yet to find: A hollow chocolate Easter egg with a Peep center.

Happy Peeping, all!