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Super Sunday for Super Ads

One of Test Pattern's self-set missions is to stay on top of the best and the worst of TV commercials, especially in summer, with our annual commercial contest (last year's winners are here, 2005's are here, and 2004's, led by nasty ol' Digger the Dermatophyte, live here). So naturally, I'll be watching Sunday's Super Bowl as much for the ads as for the game itself.

Some of the past ads are great. My absolute favorite of all time is the Budweiser football-playing Clydesdales. The majesty of the horses, the incongruity of them playing football, and the worldly wise rasp of the cowboy who watches them kick the extra point and tells his friend "they usually go for two." Cowboys and animals must make ads memorable for me, because I also love the "cat herding" one from a couple years back. And of course, I laughed at the poor hapless FedEx caveman whose trusts his delivery to an unlucky Pterodactyl and later gets chewed out by his unfeeling boss.

My least-favorite ads? Anything involving Fabio. The Burger King Whopperettes. The Bud Bowls, after the first few.

What are your favorite Super Bowl ads, and which ones were million-dollar flops? Are you a fan of Terry Tate, Office Linebacker? How about the poor guy who has to work with an office full of monkeys? The Mountain Dew extreme athletes?

Come Sunday, I'll be blogging about the ads here at Test Pattern, and I invite you to join in and share your comments. Bookmark http://testpattern.msnbc.msn.com/ and check back during the game,  we'll see if we get a preview of any of the ads we'll be nominating for 2007s Best and Worst commercial honors.

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